This section starts with the introduction and instruction how to use the section, explaining what tools exist and instruction on how to choose between INTEGRATED or TACTICAL approach.

The section then offers overview of key tools with step by step guide on each tool as well as relevant examples for the specific activities. Selection of tools is given as relevant for a specific topic and may range to include: PR; Film and video; Digital and Social Media; Using celebrities in campaigns; TVC, etc.


Within the public relations a wide range of communication activities may be performed, including the awareness raising about a selected topic, creating content adequate for different communication channels, or planning events to engage diverse target audiences. In this context it is important to understand how to develop and use effective messages in communicating with media and desired target audiences, including vulnerable groups who need to be aware of all risks and aspects of  trafficking.


The main advantage of this set of tools is their interactivity – people reached by digital content are not mere message recipients. Instead, they are able to engage more meaningfully with what they see and hear. Social media is not only an essential part of any communication strategy in 21st century, but it’s also a recruitment ground used by traffickers to lure their victims. That is why social media will play an indispensable role in your efforts to connect with stakeholders, increase awareness and fight trafficking in human beings.


Video is a flexible medium for conveying messages but it is costly, passive in terms of audience and requires an efficient channel of distribution (or it may be seen by very few people). The use of videos is one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness about any topic. If used adequately, videos can entertain, educate and inspire action. They promote activities, events, or introduce groups or projects, movements and ideas.


Advertising is a mass media tool that enables a larger audience to hear and remember the key message of any given campaign. One of the strongest suits of advertising is its aspect of storytelling, an especially important element for awareness raising campaigns.


Events are interactive by their nature and provide an opportunity for any organisation or stakeholder conducting an awareness raising campaign to gain exposure for their cause i.e. campaign, promote their achievements and disseminate information in live encounters with diverse targeted audiences.


Advocacy can be viewed as active promotion of a cause or principle that helps people become more involved in decisions affecting their lives, in particularly with regard to advocating for regulatory changes in the field of human rights.

Tips for the awareness campaigns on these topics